Religion Blog

“We live very close together. So our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least do them no harm.”

The Dalai Lama

To me I interpreted in terms of religion as this is a religion chapter. The way I grew up I always saw everyone as an equal. Yes, around the world everyone has different beliefs or views on life, but universally we all want the same thing which is to live our lives in our own way. It does not matter that people have different views, we all need to be accepting of each other, because there is a common line between right and wrong, and if we live our lives helping people for that is the right thing to do, then that should be valued as living a successful life. Though, not everyone is cut out for going out of their way to help others and that is acceptable too, but not helping other and afflicting others in a negative manner is not moral.

“All religions are the therapies for the sorrows and disorders of the soul.”

Carl Jung

I’ve always used my religion as a thing I could turn to when I am have a difficult time in my life. I use as it as a listener so that I can reflect on what is going on and ask for some higher power to make everything better. Although nobody is certain whether or not there is a higher power, when I reflect and think, I like to believe that there is and that something is listening to my thoughts, because with that belief i feel better getting my thoughts out there in the world so that I don’t have them all crammed up in my head. I think that for everyone this use for religion takes place, as everyone has some form of hurt in their soul, so having a religion is essentially having a therapist for the pain built up internally in somebody.

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”


I love this quote because it says so little but means such volume. Wisdom to me comes from learning, but the best way to learn, in my opinion, is through experience. Someone who wonders a lot and is curious about different aspects of life or even one specific thing, is going to gain wisdom from wanting to understand deeper into whatever it is they wonder about. If there is something that a person wonders, they should feel inclined to chase it and find a solution in whatever it is. In my case I am so curious about different places around the world and their cultures so I travel a lot and gain wisdom about these places through experience within the actual culture and seek answers to my curiosity. That is the way I expand upon my wisdom and grow as an individual, and that is how it works in all aspects of life when it comes to wonder.

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